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Workers’ Compensation Fraud

In Five Words – Do Not Even Consider It!

If you are considering making a claim for workers’ compensation benefits, it is critical that you tell the truth in connection with your injury claims. The insurance company is looking for a reason to deny your case and your benefits. Do not give them a reason. Do not give a recorded statement to the insurance company without conferring with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney. Many times, an injured worker is confused and overwhelmed by the process and may inadvertently make a misstatement that can be used against them later.

Fraud is not limited to just injured workers. Employers in the state of Florida have also been charged and convicted of fraud for not appropriately carrying and paying for workers’ compensation insurance.

Suspected workers’ compensation fraud may be reported directly to the Department of Financial Services, Bureau of Workers’ Compensation Fraud, 200 E. Gadsden Street, Suite 100A, Tallahassee, Florida 32301, or to the bureau’s toll-free hotline number at 844-538-6580. Suspected fraud is also reported to the Florida Workers’ Compensation Bureau of Compliance’s toll-free hotline at 844-538-6580. Anonymous calls are accepted. The Non-Compliance Referral Form to report employer’s who do not have workers’ compensation insurance coverage can be accessed at the Financial Services Website Reference: Section 440.1051, Florida Statutes

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