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Helping Education Employees Navigate Workers’ Compensation Claims

Educators and school staff are cornerstones of our communities, shaping future generations in their daily roles. They deserve strong and dedicated advocacy when their lives are turned upside down by workplace injuries.

The lawyer at The Law Firm of Kevin A. Moore is here to help teachers, custodians, administrative workers, school nurses, counselors and other education workers with their workers’ compensation needs. Attorney Kevin A. Moore has extensive experience helping injured Florida and Tennessee workers pursue the benefits they need. He is ready to give you personalized service and comprehensive support at every step of the process.

Safety Risks For School Workers

School environments can be unpredictable. There are all kinds of risks that teachers and staff may encounter, such as the following:

  • Unsafe conditions, including uneven surfaces, cracked or slippery floors, falling objects, damaged stairs and hazards on playgrounds
  • Malfunctions with classroom equipment
  • Acts of violence from students, parents or outsiders
  • Injuries from lifting heavy classroom materials
  • Repetitive motion injuries
  • Accidents while supervising field trips and other off-campus activities

Kevin is here to help school employees who have sustained injuries while at work understand their rights and options regarding workers’ compensation.

Are Private School Employees Covered By Workers’ Compensation?

Yes, they typically are. Tennessee requires most employers of at least five workers to have workers’ compensation insurance. Florida puts this requirement on most employers with four or more employees. So, private schools generally do have to provide workers’ compensation coverage for their employees.

What About Public School Employees?

Workers at public schools, as public employees, encounter a different set of rules when it comes to workers’ compensation. In Florida, school workers typically do have workers’ comp coverage. This is because the state requires all state and local governments to have workers’ compensation insurance. In Tennessee, the situation is a bit more complicated. State law exempts state and local governments from the requirement to carry workers’ compensation insurance. So, public school employees in Tennessee only have workers’ compensation coverage if their employers opt to provide it.

Committed To Helping You

Whether you work in a public or private school setting, Kevin is ready to help if you have suffered workplace injuries. He has a deep understanding of the distinct workers’ compensation issues that arise for education workers. He doesn’t shy away from complex cases. At every step, he will be committed to guiding you forward and pursuing maximum benefits for you. And, you won’t pay him anything unless he succeeds in getting you financial relief.

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