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The Committed Workers’ Compensation Support Public Employees Deserve

Public employees – including police officers, firefighters, public school teachers, postal workers and administrative staff – help keep communities running safely and smoothly. Unfortunately, performing these critical services sometimes exposes them to injury. When this happens, the lawyer at The Law Firm of Kevin A. Moore is ready to step up and provide public employees with the trusted workers’ compensation help they need.

With multiple Florida offices and a location in Nashville, the firm serves injured public employees throughout Florida and Tennessee. Attorney Kevin A. Moore has dedicated his practice to workers’ compensation and has considerable experience in this area of law. Let him put all his skills and resources toward pursuing maximum benefits for you. He will charge you nothing unless he gets you a win in your case.

The Dangers That Can Come With Public Service

Public service encompasses a diverse range of jobs. Each type carries its own set of safety risks and concerns. Examples of hazards that public employees can face include:

Whatever hazards you have encountered, understanding your workers’ comp rights is essential when you suffer injuries when working in public service.

Guiding You Through A Unique Legal Landscape

Public workers are often subject to different workers’ compensation laws than workers in the private sector. Kevin’s extensive experience will heavily equip him to help you navigate this unique legal terrain. He will clarify which laws apply to you, explain your rights and build strategies aimed at maximizing the benefits you receive.

How Does Florida Workers’ Comp Law Treat The Public Sector?

In Florida, the public sector has an even more expansive workers’ comp coverage requirement than the private sector. All state and local governments are required to carry workers’ comp insurance, no matter the size of their workforce.

Does Tennessee Workers’ Comp Law Take This Same Approach?

No, Tennessee goes a very different route. It exempts state and local governments from the requirement to carry workers’ compensation. What does this mean if you’re a public employee in Tennessee? It means that your access to workers’ comp benefits depends on whether your employer voluntarily chooses to provide coverage.

The Special Rules For Federal Employees

In both Tennessee and Florida, state workers’ comp laws do not apply to federal employees. Rather, such workers are covered by a different set of rules under federal workers’ compensation laws.

The Impacts Of Union Membership

Many public employees are union members. This can afford them additional protections beyond workers’ comp laws. This includes those stemming from collective bargaining agreements. Kevin can help you identify, understand and take full advantage of such additional protections.

Reach Out For Dedicate Advocacy

As a public employee, you dedicate your life to serving others. When an injury occurs, it’s time to let someone serve your needs. Reach out today to discover how Kevin can help you. You can set up a free consultation by calling 844-538-6580 or getting in touch via email.