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Orlando Workplace Strain And Sprain Injury Lawyer

An injury at work can cause significant disruptions to your daily life. It can affect your finances, personal relationships, job duties, and your physical health. Fortunately, workers’ compensation benefits can help offset some of these stressors to help you get the medical care you need and stay financially afloat while recovering.

When you sustain a soft tissue injury at work, contact a workplace accident attorney from The Law Firm of Kevin A. Moore to discuss your legal rights and options. Attorney Moore has represented clients seeking compensation for workplace accidents. You can rest assured that the firm’s Orlando workplace strain and sprain lawyer will handle your case with the attention and care you deserve.

Common Causes Of Strains And Sprains At Work

A sprain occurs when someone stretches or tears a ligament, while a strain is a tear in the muscle or tendons. In certain industries, strains and sprains are incredibly common. This includes delivery drivers, warehouse workers, construction, and even office settings. Overexertion, repetitive movements, and frequently lifting heavy objects are just a few common causes of strains and sprains. These injuries can also occur due to accidents on the job, like slips and falls.

Regardless of the cause of injury, you should seek medical attention immediately. Some sprains and other injuries are not obvious right away. Medical providers can help diagnose an injury before it becomes more severe. Although a strain or sprain might seem relatively minor compared to other injuries you could suffer on the job, it still could require expensive medical treatment, time off work, rehab, and cause chronic pain, impacting your ability to work. Attorney Moore can help you ensure you receive the right medical care and advise you on the best steps to take to avoid any unnecessary delays or denials with your workers’ compensation benefits.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits In Florida

Most employees in Florida are covered under their employer’s workers’ compensation insurance. Workers’ compensation benefits are designed to help employees with the costs related to the accident on the job. Benefits could include but are not limited to:

  • Reimbursement for travel to and from doctor visits
  • Reimbursement for medical treatment, including prescriptions, hospitalization, physical therapy, medical tests, and more
  • Temporary total disability payments if the worker is unable to perform their job duties for a specific amount of time
  • Permanent total disability payments if the worker is no longer able to hold employment due to their injuries
  • Temporary partial disability payments if the worker is able to perform some job duties but not all

After a workplace accident, the injured worker should report the injury to their employer and follow the necessary paperwork to start a claim. Workers’ compensation cases can be complicated, so it is always a good idea to consult an experienced Orlando workplace strain and sprain injury attorney for guidance on what you may be entitled to.

Rely On An Orlando Workplace Strain And Sprain Injury Attorney

While some soft tissue injuries repair quickly, others can cause serious long-term complications. Workers’ compensation can provide the benefits you need to manage your injuries and keep your life on track. However, receiving workers’ comp benefits is not always straightforward; missing even one minor detail could result in a denial or lengthy delay. A Florida workplace strain and sprain injury lawyer from The Law Firm of Kevin A. Moore can help. Let the firm advocate for your best interests. Call today.