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Employees who perform repetitive motions for most of the day are subject to a host of injuries. You may risk neck and back strains from working over your head, shoulder injuries from hauling heavy boxes, and hand and wrist trouble from typing or performing assembly line duties. Fortunately, you may have a safety net your employer provides called workers’ compensation.

Workers’ compensation insurance covers your medical expenses and a portion of your wages when you are injured in a work-related accident or develop an illness or medical condition related to your job. The system has long recognized the role performing a task repeatedly plays in causing pain and injuries to joints, muscles, and ligaments. Let an Orlando repetitive motion injury lawyer oversee your claim to help you get the benefits you need to recover from your injuries while still being able to support yourself financially. Call The Law Firm of Kevin A. Moore to speak directly with our trusted workers’ compensation attorney.

What Is A Repetitive Motion Injury?

Many jobs require repetitive tasks. After a while, these repetitive actions take a toll on your body, and your body alerts you by signaling pain from the affected joint, muscle, or ligament.

When you can no longer ignore the pain, and your doctor diagnoses you with various related injuries, such as carpal tunnel, degenerative disc disease, injury to your rotator cuff, or a slipped disc, it is time to call an Orlando repetitive motion injury attorney to explore what workers’ compensation can do for you.

When injuries are not caused by accidents on the job but instead arise over time from your working conditions or tasks, many employers will argue that your pain and diagnosis are not work-related. Attorney Moore can help you put together the medical evidence that is necessary to refute these claims and support your right to benefits.

Temporary Disability Benefits For Repetitive Motion Injuries

You are generally only eligible for workers’ compensation benefits if you are out of work for at least seven days. Once you are out of work for 21 days, temporary total disability benefits kick in, and your bi-weekly check covers a portion of your wages from the accident date, according to Florida Statutes § 440.12. Temporary total disability payments end when:

  • A physician determines you are fit to return to your old job
  • You have collected the benefits for the maximum number of weeks
  • A physician clears you to return to work, but only to perform light duties, which may qualify you for partial disability payments
  • Your condition will not improve further (you are at maximum medical improvement), but you cannot perform your job or any job, which may qualify you for permanent disability

An Orlando, repetitive motion injury attorney, can help you better understand what benefits you are eligible for and guide you through the process of securing adequate compensation for your needs.

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Most jobs involve repetitive motions to some degree. Eventually, these actions can cause stress on your joints and muscles and lead to injuries. Although some employers may argue that your damage is due to activity unrelated to work because there was no accident involved, our Orlando repetitive motion injury lawyer can help you establish the connections to obtain the benefits you deserve.

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