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The Law Firm of Kevin A. Moore is a Miami workers’ compensation law firm helping the victims of workplace accidents. Are you in search of legal assistance in Miami for a workers’ compensation claim due to a workplace injury? Look no further, as The Law Firm of Kevin A. Moore focuses on supporting victims of work-related accidents. If you are dealing with an injury sustained on the job and require guidance from experienced workers’ compensation attorneys to navigate your rights, Miami workers’ compensation attorney Kevin A. Moore is here for you. Kevin brings over two decades of expertise in managing a vast array of cases – from minor cuts and lacerations to severe head trauma – for clients in Miami and Miami Beach. With a deep commitment to aiding injured employees and their families, he strives to ensure that you receive the full spectrum of benefits you rightfully deserve.

Kevin takes the time to clearly explain the complex and frustrating legal process to those clients injured in the workplace and works aggressively toward getting them their fair and just compensation. His consultations with you about your workers’ compensation case are always free of charge. Fees for representation are set by Florida statute and vary depending on your type of work-related claim.

He knows that the injured often have problems getting to an attorney’s office; that is why, wherever you live in Florida, he will come to you!

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Workers’ Comp Lawyer Miami, Florida

Kevin A. Moore has extensive experience in all facets of Miami workers’ compensation law and has earned a reputation as a dominant lawyer in the courtroom. He represents injured workers and families in workers’ compensation cases throughout Miami.

Why This Is The Miami Workers’ Compensation Law Firm That Works For You

  • For over two decades, Kevin has expertly managed a multitude of workers’ compensation claims, offering his clients seasoned guidance.
  • With a steadfast dedication to aiding those injured on the job and their loved ones, Kevin navigates the complexities of bureaucracy to secure every benefit they rightfully deserve.
  • Kevin’s comprehensive expertise in workers’ compensation law is well-established, and he is recognized for his formidable presence and advocacy in legal proceedings.
  • His practice is dedicated to representing injured employees and their families across the state in workers’ compensation cases.

Client Reviews

Attorney Kevin A. Moore is an excellent representative. He communicated very well with me and kept me informed of my status. I would proudly recommend others to him.

– Maxine Williams

Kevin, I know without you my corrective surgery would not have happened. You are my hidden gem! And I thank you for making it happen. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that I matter beyond family.
– Melissa Stutler

About Kevin A. Moore

If you have been injured on the job, you can do it alone, but why would you? Workers’ compensation injuries are tough on everyone, and you need someone to stand by you and for you …No confusion, no new associate attorney, just commitment to you and your family.

The Law Firm of Kevin A. Moore was established in 1995 to serve the needs of employees injured on the job. Since that time, Kevin has represented injured workers in all major cities in Florida, including Tampa. As a Miami Workers’ Compensation Injury Attorney, Kevin prides himself on a direct relationship with his clients.

When your job or workplace-related injury is serious enough, and your workers’ comp claim is important to you, then call us!

Why Choose The Law Firm of Kevin A. Moore?

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Let Kevin assess your case and help you understand your rights. One phone call, no obligation, just information.

Only Work-Related Injuries, All The Time

When you focus on one thing, you do it exceptionally well.

The Advantage Of Experience

With nearly 30 years of workers’ compensation experience, Kevin is the teacher, not the student.

Centrally Located

Kevin has three centrally located offices in the state where he services the needs of clients throughout the state of Florida.

Direct Contact With Your Attorney

Attorney Moore’s clients talk directly with him about their case, every issue, every time. Call today at 844-538-6580.