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There was a time when a workplace injury was a physical and financial problem the injured worker and their family had to solve on their own. Now, thanks to workers’ compensation insurance, if you are injured or contract an occupational illness, you are entitled to disability and medical benefits.

However, while this insurance plan exists, receiving benefits is not automatic. The application process involves strict deadlines and providing specific documentation linking your harm to your job duties. Insurance companies who back these policies are often tightfisted and exacting since payouts affect their bottom line. For assistance in getting your benefits application right the first time, contact a Lakeland workers’ compensation lawyer from The Law Firm of Kevin A. Moore.

Florida Recognizes More Than Injuries Caused By Accidents

The biggest hurdle you must clear when filing for workers comp is proving your injury directly relates to performing your work. A sudden accident, witnessed by several other employees, is much easier to prove than injuries in other situations.

Occupational Diseases

Florida Statutes § 440.151(2) makes occupational diseases eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. An occupational disease manifests itself over time but is common in the industry in which the employee suffering from it works. For example, a warehouse worker is prone to back strain, a secretary to carpal tunnel, and a dockyard worker to asbestos exposure.

Emotional Harm

Mental injuries, including nervousness and excitement, are also covered under Fl. Stat. § 440.093, but with restrictions. Florida does not mandate disability for mental injuries alone. The employee must suffer a physical injury that requires medical care. If the employee can tie the mental injury to the physical one, temporary benefits are available for no longer than six months.

At The Law Firm of Kevin A. Moore, Mr. Moore, a dedicated Lakeland workers’ compensation attorney, can discuss the details of your illness or injury to determine what benefits you may be eligible to receive and help you take steps to apply for them.

Reporting Injuries To Employers

Injured Floridians generally have 30 days to report an accident to their employers, who then forward the proper paperwork to the insurance carrier. Employees who develop occupational diseases have 90 days to report them, allowing for the time it takes for symptoms to manifest themselves and be diagnosed, according to Fla. Stat. § 440.151(6).

Your Lakeland workers’ compensation attorney can assist you with the formal application process described under Fla. Stat. § 440.09. You must provide pertinent information about how the accident or illness occurs, a physician’s evaluation of your injuries, the connection between your injury and your job, and a treatment plan for your recovery.

The Workers’ Compensation Process

Once your documentation is submitted with the help of your Lakeland attorney, a workers’ compensation administrator and an insurance claims adjuster will review it and ask for any additional information. You may be required to submit an additional medical evaluation.

Kevin Moore can act as your liaison and advocate, gathering, submitting, and explaining your information to the insurer and administrator. By anticipating and solving inconsistencies or problems early in the process, he will help you get your maximum benefits as quickly as possible.

Let Attorney Moore Help You Seek Benefits

Florida law requires most employers to carry a state-administered insurance program that pays workers who are injured or fall ill on the job a percentage of their pre-injury wages and medical care. If they cannot return to work, additional disability benefits are available.

Knowing the program is in place when you are healthy is not the same as needing it when you are injured at work. The application process is complex and imposes demanding deadlines. Do not let yourself be overwhelmed or miss out on much-needed compensation. Our Lakeland workers’ compensation lawyer, Kevin Moore, has successfully assisted clients for years. Contact The Law Firm of Kevin A. Moore to speak directly with Attorney Moore and to learn how he can help.


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