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Florida Workplace Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Lawyer

A traumatic brain injury could dramatically change your life. When you suffer this or any other type of harm at work, you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. However, receiving payments and medical care through a workers’ comp insurance company can be a difficult process. Without the help of a skilled catastrophic workplace injury attorney, you may face unjustly denied benefits or receive payments that do not fully cover your needs.

When you experience this type of injury, The Law Firm of Kevin A. Moore understands the hardship it places on you and your loved ones, and attorney Moore wants to help. A Florida workplace traumatic brain injury lawyer from The Law Firm of Kevin A. Moore can ensure you know what your rights and responsibilities are, help you understand what steps to take, and clearly outline your options Reach out today to start reviewing the details of your case directly with attorney Moore.

The Effects Of Traumatic Brain Injuries

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) typically happens when the head absorbs a forceful strike. The brain, which usually floats inside the skull, is knocked against the skull wall from the force of the impact. This causes the brain to swell, restricting blood flow and oxygen, and causing brain cells to die. Penetrating injuries and jerking motions such as whiplash could also cause a TBI. Slips and falls, falls from heights, and motor vehicle accidents are just a few of the common causes of these injuries.

Most people call a mild TBI a concussion. A person with a concussion might experience headaches, blurred vision, dizziness, nausea, and other symptoms for several days or weeks. The more concussions a person experiences, the more severe and persistent the symptoms will likely be. Repeated concussions could cause permanent brain damage.

A moderate or severe TBI is a life-altering injury that might affect the person’s motor skills and coordination, interfere with speech, and make it difficult for the person to communicate. It could also affect the injured party’s personality and cause them to be volatile or emotional. People with moderate TBIs usually cannot work and often cannot care for themselves or live independently. A Tampa workplace TBI attorney can help injured workers get appropriate medical treatment to improve and enhance their recoveries. Time is of the essence with a brain injury so do not wait to get medical help.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits For Traumatic Brain Injuries

Symptoms of a mild TBI typically improve over time, and the damage to the brain is irreversible. Florida Statutes § 440.15 states that a person with a brain injury is permanently disabled if their injury causes specific impairments. The law awards permanent disability benefits to people who suffered a head injury at work that produces the following symptoms:

  • Motor or sensory impairment
  • Communication difficulties
  • Disturbed brain function
  • Seizures or other episodic neurological symptoms

Although the law lists these specific conditions, it also encompasses other symptoms of brain injury. A trusted Tampa workplace attorney could help an injured person understand whether their symptoms qualify them for permanent disability benefits. This means the individual would receive two-thirds of their average weekly wage for as long as they remain disabled. In the case of a TBI, the benefits could be paid for life. Attorney Moore could also negotiate a lump-sum settlement that allows the person immediate access to sufficient funds to seek appropriate care.

Contact A Tampa, Florida, Workplace TBI Attorney For Guidance

Traumatic brain injuries are devastating events. While most employees have protection under workers’ comp policies, not everyone knows how to file a claim. A Florida workplace traumatic brain injury lawyer can help you understand your options and what steps to take to protect your right to compensation.

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