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Dismemberment Workers’ Compensation claims are, for the most part, treated just like amputation claims. The fundamental difference is in the ‘timing’ of the loss of the body part. Dismemberments usually occur at the work location whereas amputations occur after the accident and in the hospital.

Losing an arm, a leg, a hand or a foot is like no other loss. You know that you are still the same person you were before the workplace accident, yet you probably cannot feel less than you were before the loss. Adapting to any amputation is a gradual process. You are no doubt grateful and relieved to even be alive after your brush with tragedy in a severe workplace accident. Yet you and those who care for you must live with the aftermath of the amputation.

In the near term, your amputation wound needs time to heal. It is not uncommon for amputees to experience phantom pains because of the way the nerve endings function. Even with the real and phantom pains, over the long term, you need to adapt to getting around or working around the fact that you have a permanent disability because you are missing a body part.

From a financial perspective, the short-term expenses will initially involve such things as ambulance transportation and care in the ER, surgery and other follow-up care and close monitoring of your healing with an eye on the prevention of infection. You will also likely miss a significant amount of work and need something to make up for your missed paychecks.

In the long-term financial expenses, you will find that medical equipment, prosthetics, physical therapy (occupational and psychological) as well as job retraining. Some people who suffer amputations have a hard time ever making a living as they did before. Construction workers, musicians and repairmen may find it impossible to work as before at similar jobs. A Florida workplace dismemberment lawyer can help when you suffer catastrophic injuries on the job.

You Deserve Quality Workers’ Compensation Representation

The Law Firm of Kevin A. Moore helps victims of Tampa, Florida, dismemberment workplace injuries receive just compensation for their losses. Kevin A. Moore is not just another lawyer. He is highly experienced at handling workers’ compensation cases. Dealing with on-the-job injuries is what he does. The Law Firm of Kevin A. Moore serves clients throughout the state of Florida.

Your injury is serious and your legal rights are important to you and your family. Make sure your rights and your family are protected. Call a lawyer. It is critical that you do the research to find a reputable and capable attorney. Mr. Moore believes that his success is based not only on the results he gets but in the personal relationships he has with his clients. Attorney Moore’s skill in recovering large awards and settlements speaks for itself about the quality of his representation, a quality that he refers to as the “Advantage of Experience.”

This Website discusses The Law Firm of Kevin A. Moore‘s legal practice and credentials, and it provides powerful educational information on Florida Workers’ Compensation Law. Every case is unique and deserves to be evaluated on its own merits. Please contact Mr. Moore for a free consultation before making a decision about representation. You will speak with Kevin Moore directly, not a staff member.

The Law Firm of Kevin A. Moore welcomes the challenges offered by difficult cases involving serious injuries and complex issues. If you have been injured due to any workplace-related incident, do not hesitate to call and talk to Kevin A. Moore. You deserve to know your valuable legal rights.

Exclusively On-The-Job Injuries All The Time

You need an attorney who specializes in the complexities of workers’ compensation law. What you don’t need is a lawyer who “also” practices workers’ compensation. Florida Workers’ Compensation laws can change regularly and ensuring your lawyer is highly competent in this specific area is critical. As a matter of history, the state has undergone major workers’ compensation law changes in 1989, 1994 and 2002. Additionally, the Judges of Workers’ Compensation continue to modify the law based on their rulings. Attorney Moore is fully apprized of the latest law changes and will position your case to maximize your benefits.

You should select your Tampa workplace dismemberment attorney for their expertise and experience in specific categories of cases. The “right lawyer” for your case is the person who has substantial experience handling a case very similar to yours and who can and will take action at once. Kevin Moore has handled thousands of workers’ compensation cases since 1992.

You Need An Attorney Who Knows Dismemberment Claim Cases

If this dismemberment injury occurred because of a Tampa, Florida, workplace accident, you should rightfully expect your employer and their insurance company to provide quality care, cover all of your injury-related expenses, and compensate you while you are unable to work if you authorized physician indicates, for your resulting lost income. These are reasonable expectations, but all too often, you end up having to fight the insurance company for your rightful compensation.

You Are Covered By The Law: According to the Florida Workers’ Compensation Statute Chapter 440 Section 15 – you could qualify for Temporary Total or Temporary Partial Disability Wages and be entitled to up to 66% of your average weekly wages during the time period of such disability. There are some restrictions and you may have disagreements with the insurance company about them. If this is your circumstance or you are worried that you may have such a disagreement with the insurance company, then now is the time to contact Kevin Moore’s Florida Workers’ Compensation Law Firm. Insurance companies are supposed to pay you every two weeks you are out of work because of your injuries. If they don’t pay you timely they owe you penalties and interest. They are also supposed to pay you based on your last 13 weeks of wages earned. In many cases, the insurance company incorrectly calculates your benefits incorrectly and underpays you. You need a lawyer to fight for your lost wage benefits. The insurance company is required to pay your authorized workers’ compensation medical expenses, prescription medications and your medical mileage. Many times, the insurance carrier refuses to pay a medical bill or prescriptions, and you are left with these expenses. You need a lawyer to fight to get your medical treatment and medical bills paid.

Just when you are at your weakest you may have to fight the insurance company for the most basic benefits. Workers’ comp insurance companies are notorious for denying claims and denying rightful or quality care and services. The insurance company’s goal is to save money – not to assure you your rightful care and compensation. If you have had a dismemberment injury, you are not in a position to fight the insurance company, and more than likely, neither is your family. You need to know that your lawyer will take care of the issues that arise and have your best interest at hand.

The Law Firm of Kevin A. Moore will listen to you with compassion and understanding. Attorney Kevin A. Moore will evaluate your medical records, communicate with your doctors and deal with the insurance adjuster and attorney. If you are not getting what you are entitled to, Kevin is ready to fight the insurance companies for you at depositions, mediations and, if necessary, at trial. With Kevin Moore as your attorney, you will have one of the most experienced Tampa dismemberment attorneys in the state of Florida representing you.

Kevin Moore’s Experience

Kevin Moore has been aggressively practicing law and guiding and protecting his clients’ interests since 1992. The Law Firm of Kevin A. Moore have handled thousands of workers’ compensation cases and a significant number of cases involving catastrophic injury. No attorney will do a better job in seeing that you get justice and compensation for your workplace loss. Call us or contact us now. His consultations are always free and you never pay a fee unless we win your case.

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Our main goal is to take care of our clients. Kevin handles all of his cases personally, speaks with each of his clients regularly and is always fighting to get the benefits you deserve. The Law Firm of Kevin A. Moore‘s culture revolves around client services. The firm’s primary focus is to do excellent work for each and every client; to go all out and win the case. Building solid relationships with clients and producing great results is what The Law Firm of Kevin A. Moore does.

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