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Florida Repetitive Motion Injury Lawyer

Florida’s workers’ compensation laws are not just for employees injured in workplace accidents. Workers’ compensation insurance also covers injuries that accrue overtime on the job, usually from performing a task repeatedly and putting stress on specific joints and muscles.

Workers’ compensation covers any work-related injury or illness, regardless of your profession. If you are diagnosed with a medical problem due to the strain of performing the same task, a Florida repetitive motion injury lawyer can help you file for and receive benefits. Call The Law Firm of Kevin A. Moore today to speak directly with Attorney Moore regarding your situation.

Repetitive Motion Injuries

Repetitive motion strain is stress on certain joints and muscles. Examples include:

  • Warehouse workers or delivery drivers whose back pain stems from constant stooping and lifting.
  • Secretaries and hairdressers whose carpal tunnel syndrome stems from typing or cutting hair all day.
  • Assembly line workers whose tendonitis stems from grasping the same item repeatedly.
  • Office workers whose neck pain stems from staring down at a computer all day.

Almost any repetitive action can cause a problem over time. A Tampa repetitive motion injury attorney from The Law Firm of Kevin A. Moore can help workers who develop painful or limiting medical conditions as a result of performing their regular job duties.

Causes And Risk Factors Of Repetitive Stress Injuries

When force is applied repeatedly to the same muscle group, joint or tendon over a prolonged period, cumulative forces may cause soft tissue tears and trauma. The resulting injury may lead to ligament and tendon disorders, degenerative joint disease, bursitis or nerve damage. In addition to repetition and high force, risk factors associated with RSI and CTDs include awkward joint posture and prolonged, constrained posture.

Tendinitis can also develop if you are a competitive athlete or if your job requires the same repetitive movement during the workday. Such tendinitis can develop, for example, amongst electricians and meat packers (because of the repetitive wrist extension, flexing and thrust necessary to grip knives and carve through frozen meat).

Hand-and-wrist RSI begins when the tendons or nerves that pass through a delicate channel in the wrist (the “tunnel” formed by eight small carpal or wrist bones protecting the medial nerve) are irritated. Typing with the wrist at an angle – a common practice – places extra stress on those tendons or nerves, which can cause permanent injury. Other problems known generically as RSI include tenosynovitis and myofascitis or inflammation of the tendons, connective tissues and muscles, and de Quervain’s disease, tendinitis of the thumb, which may develop from the overuse of the space bar or computer mouse. A Tampa repetitive motion injury attorney can help individuals who are struggling with these conditions pursue the benefits they need.

Symptoms Of Repetitive Stress Injuries

Occupational therapists can help patients with these disorders practice “joint protection.” Patients can learn to use their hands in nondeforming positions. For example, instead of grabbing a key with a thumb and twisting it, patients can learn to turn a key with adaptive equipment. Coping skills also include the use of over-the-counter drugs such as aspirin or ibuprofen for mild to moderate symptoms or prescription NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) for stronger anti-inflammatory relief. RSI may be avoidable through proper work habits – including posture, wrist position and regular work breaks – as well as ergonomically designed workstations and keyboards.

Prevention Of Repetitive Stress Injuries

Prevention is important. The key is using appropriate posture while doing repetitive tasks. The use of specially designed equipment can also help people avoid this problem. A few simple changes in work habits and in your office setup can save you months or years of pain and disability. See the links below for prevention and relief ideas regarding computer-related RSI.

Questions to ask your doctor about repetitive stress injuries:

  • What movement or posture is causing the tendinitis?
  • What can be done to relieve the repetitive strain?
  • How can the wrists and hands be protected?
  • Will over-the-counter drugs such as aspirin help?
  • Will potent anti-inflammatory drugs be prescribed?
  • Will physical therapy or yoga help?

An experienced Tampa attorney can help you ensure you are getting the right treatment for your repetitive stress injury.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits For Repetitive Motion Injuries

According to Florida Statutes § 440.09, you must describe your injury and how it is occupational to be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. Your physician must also certify that the repetitive motion you perform at work is the significant contributing reason you are injured.

Once the injury manifests itself, you have 30 days to report it to your employer under Fl. Stat. § 440.185.

While workers’ compensation allows you to receive benefits without fighting for them in court, you risk denial of your claim if you try to handle it yourself. Forgetting even one small detail can result in delays or denials. The process should be in the hands of a skilled attorney like Kevin Moore, who can:

  • Fulfill all requirements necessary for filing claims
  • Maintain a relationship with the insurance company adjuster and workers’ compensation claims administrator so any snags are settled swiftly
  • Determine that an employee’s repetitive motion injury is work-related and document the seriousness of the injury
  • Participate in all hearings to advocate for injured workers
  • Calculate the benefits available and make sure the employee receives the maximum

A Tampa repetitive motion injury attorney can help alleviate some of the stress you may feel as an injured employee trying to navigate the workers’ compensation system. Concentrate on getting well while attorney Kevin concentrates on your legal needs.

Do All Florida Employers Have To Carry Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

Florida requires most businesses to carry workers’ compensation insurance, which pays employees injured at work for their medical care and replaces a portion of the wages they lose while recuperating.

Construction companies must carry workers’ compensation insurance if they employ at least one person, while businesses in other industries must carry insurance if they employ at least four people. Agricultural companies are exempt from carrying worker’s comp insurance unless they employ six people or at least 12 seasonal workers.

Let A Florida Repetitive Motion Injury Attorney Be Your Advocate

Work is essential to life. Sometimes, your work can involve repetitive motions such as stocking shelves, typing letters or cutting hair. When you begin to notice the damaging effects of performing these tasks so often, you may have a lot of questions about what to do next and whether your injuries would qualify for workers’ compensation.

Call The Law Firm of Kevin A. Moore at 844-538-6580 or contact the firm online to get answers and dedicated guidance. A Florida repetitive motion injury lawyer can handle the claims process while you concentrate on making a recovery.