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Florida Overexertion Injury Lawyer

Injuries related to overexertion can be challenging to diagnose. That does not make them any less painful or debilitating.

Your overexertion injury might keep you out of work for weeks, and you might never be able to return to your previous job. However, your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance company might question whether you are really hurt.

Attorney Kevin Moore, a Florida overexertion injury lawyer from The Law Firm of Kevin A. Moore, can stand up for you and ensure you receive the benefits you deserve. Call the firm today to begin working with him.

Common Overexertion Injuries

Overexertion injuries happen when someone strains or sprains muscles and soft tissues, often in the back. Sometimes overexertion causes stress fractures of the vertebrae or slipped discs. A person could suffer an overexertion injury by pulling, lifting, carrying, bending, twisting, turning or holding something heavy or awkwardly shaped.

These injuries can happen suddenly or build up over time. Symptoms of overexertion include pain, muscle spasms, tingling and numbness. A person suffering from overexertion might experience weakness in their arms, legs or both. In some cases, lying flat, sitting or standing may even be painful.

When someone experiences the symptoms of overexertion at work, it is critical to stop working immediately, report the symptoms to a supervisor and seek medical attention as soon as possible. A Tampa overexertion injury attorney can help hurt workers understand what steps to take next and their options for obtaining workers’ compensation benefits.

Challenges Of Seeking Workers’ Comp For Overexertion Injuries

Many soft tissue injuries from overexertion do not show up on X-rays or in most imaging studies. A doctor often diagnoses overexertion through a patient’s report of their history and symptoms.

Workers’ compensation insurance companies often question whether a worker is being truthful in their reporting. The company might push for the injured person to return to work before they are ready. If the worker gives in to the pressure, they risk aggravating the injury.

Contacting Tampa attorney Kevin Moore is the best strategy if a worker faces pressure to return to the job before they feel they have healed from their overexertion injury. He can arrange an evaluation by an independent physician to support the worker’s need for more recovery time.

Workers’ Comp Benefits For An Overexertion Injury

Workers’ compensation is meant to provide much-needed benefits to an employee after suffering an injury on the job. These benefits typically include authorized medical treatment and reimbursement of 66.66% of the wages lost while recovering. Unfortunately, some insurance companies do not offer adequate wage benefits or deny a claim outright for small mistakes made during the filing of the claim or other things like the existence of certain preexisting conditions.

Working with attorney Kevin, a qualified Tampa, Florida, overexertion injury attorney, helps preserve an injured worker’s right to benefits. He can ensure you avoid making mistakes that could cost you time and money, such as saying the wrong thing to insurers. He can also handle all of the paperwork, which is known to be confusing for many people to understand. Additionally, he will ensure you receive appropriate medical treatment, meet any critical deadlines and gather any needed evidence or documentation.

Call A Tampa, Florida, Overexertion Injury Attorney

Rest is often the best treatment for an overexertion injury, but sometimes the workers’ compensation system tries to force you back to work before you are ready. You need a strong advocate to defend your right to receive benefits until you fully recover.

Attorney Kevin Moore can review your situation and explain your options for getting compensation through workers’ compensation benefits or with a third-party claim, if appropriate. Call The Law Firm of Kevin A. Moore at 844-538-6580 or fill out the online contact form today to speak directly to Kevin about your options for moving forward during a free consultation. At Kevin’s firm, you are more than just a number – you are family.