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Florida Construction Worker Injury Lawyer

There are countless risks associated with construction projects throughout Florida. Whether the project you are working on is large or small, the risk of injury is always present. Workers’ compensation benefits could be available if you sustain harm while performing your job duties.

Unfortunately, these benefits do not always come easily. If you are considering a claim, now is the right time to seek guidance from a skilled workers’ compensation attorney at The Law Firm of Kevin A. Moore. Reach out today to learn about your options from a Florida construction worker injury lawyer.

Common Types Of Construction Accidents

Every construction site is full of hazards that can lead to serious injuries. Some of these hazards are unavoidable in the industry, while other dangerous situations occur due to acts of negligence. Because workers’ compensation benefits are considered “no fault,” workers have an opportunity to seek compensation regardless of liability.

Trusted Tampa, Florida, attorney Kevin Moore can help injured construction workers pursue a claim for benefits for accidents, including:

  • Fires
  • Crane accidents
  • Building collapses
  • Inadequate training
  • Exposure to electrical wiring
  • Falls from ladders or scaffolding
  • Lack of proper safety equipment
  • Defective or malfunctioning equipment

The most important first steps an injured worker can take are notifying their employer of their injuries and seeking prompt medical evaluation. These actions help establish a connection between the work environment and injuries and keep the worker within the required deadlines for filing a claim.

Available Benefits Through Workers’ Compensation Claims

A successful workers’ compensation claim can help an injured employee obtain medical care, lost wages and other benefits. However, there is no guarantee of approval. The firm’s experienced Tampa attorney can review an injured construction worker’s situation to help them determine what benefits they may be entitled to and guide them through the process for a smooth recovery.


A major benefit of having a claim approved by the insurance company is the medical benefits that come with it. Unlike personal injury lawsuits that can take years to resolve, workers’ comp claims usually result in quicker payment for medical expenses. This is possible because the benefits are paid directly to the health care provider. Ongoing medical care could be covered for years, depending on how long it takes to heal.


One of the most important aspects of a construction worker’s compensation claim is disability benefits. These benefits exist to replace a person’s income when they are unable to work.

Disability payments typically come in the form of weekly installments. Each weekly payment is based on a percentage of what that person would have earned if their injury had never happened. The extent of a person’s disability will determine the exact value of these benefits.

It is also worth noting that these claims could be either temporary or permanent. Temporary disabilities – as the name suggests – eventually heal over time. Permanent disabilities could result in lifelong benefits.


Unfortunately, some construction accidents result in fatal injuries. In these cases, workers’ compensation insurance coverage can pay death benefits to a surviving relative. These benefits are meant to cover the cost of a funeral and other final expenses.

Additionally, death benefits might also cover a surviving spouse’s expenses by paying a portion of the wages the worker would have earned in the future.

Call A Florida Construction Worker Injury Attorney For Guidance

When you sustain injuries in a construction accident, you may have the ability to pursue a workers’ compensation claim. Your claim could pay for your medical bills and ensure you have the financial support you need while you recover from your injuries.

Call a Florida construction worker injury lawyer from The Law Firm of Kevin A. Moore or contact him online for individualized legal guidance today. Kevin is ready to help, and you will work directly with him from the beginning of the process.