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Clearwater Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Getting hurt on the job can be disruptive to your source of income, your long-term physical health and your entire family’s long-term financial security. Fortunately, most workers in Florida have access to benefits through their employer’s workers’ compensation coverage that should help them through the difficult period immediately following a work-related injury. However, obtaining the benefits you deserve can be more challenging than you might expect.

When you want the most favorable result possible from the workers’ comp claims process, contacting and retaining a Clearwater workers’ compensation lawyer is a crucial first step. Attorney Kevin A. Moore can make sure you get the medical care and lost wages you are entitled to and advocate on your behalf to ensure you get all the benefits you should be entitled to for your injuries.

What Benefits Does Workers’ Comp Provide?

Workers’ compensation provides lost wages while out of work and payment of medical expenses for an injured or sick worker. Additional benefits also include all related travel expenses and prescription medicine costs.

If a worker cannot return to their job due to a work-related injury or illness, they may be eligible for additional lost wages. If the injured worker is released to return to work by their authorized treating doctor and the employer is not able to bring the injured worker back to work, lost wages may be owed to the injured worker. There are some limitations to these lost wage benefits.

In some instances, an injured worker will be unable to ever return back to work because of their injuries. Someone who is permanently unable to work any job whatsoever due to a work-related injury or illness may be eligible for lost wage permanent total disability benefits until that worker is 75 years old. Additionally, as a Clearwater workers’ compensation attorney can further explain, surviving family members of workers who lose their lives in workplace accidents or from work-related illnesses may be eligible for death benefits through their loved one’s workers’ comp coverage.

Key Components Of A Successful Workers’ Comp Claim

The most important thing an injured or sick worker can do to keep their workers’ comp claim on track is to follow all instructions from their physician and attend all scheduled appointments. Any failure to do either could lead to their benefits being cut off. It is also essential to keep copies of all medical documentation for treatment and forms related to their claim. If there is any dispute over how much treatment or what type of treatment an injured or sick worker needs, having this information on hand can make a significant difference in seeking additional benefits.

Some of the common workplace injuries Mr. Moore regularly handles include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries, burns, amputations, spinal cord damage, and other forms of catastrophic harm
  • Slips and falls
  • Repetitive motion injuries
  • Heavy lifting injuries
  • Injuries to the back, neck, arms or shoulders
  • Cuts and lacerations
  • Strains and sprains
  • Workplace auto collisions
  • Scaffolding injuries
  • Hearing loss

These injuries can happen in various settings, including offices, construction sites, warehouses, industrial plants, restaurants, hospitals, amusement parks and while making deliveries. Support from an experienced attorney like Kevin Moore can be key to maximizing available resources and achieving a good result from a Clearwater workers’ comp case.

Let A Clearwater Workers’ Compensation Attorney Help You Pursue Benefits

Workers’ compensation can provide vital benefits such as lost wages and medical care as a result of an on-the-job accident. However, if you are not familiar with how state law governs claims like this and what kind of opposition you may face from your employer and their insurance provider, you could have difficulty getting the compensation you need.

Fortunately, assistance is available from a dedicated and dependable Clearwater workers’ compensation lawyer from The Law Firm of Kevin A. Moore. Mr. Moore is committed to providing compassionate guidance throughout every step of the process and approach each case with individualized care and attention to detail. You will meet directly with attorney Moore from the start and will never be treated like just a number. Call today for a free consultation.